Read why these Metro Atlanta companies and organizations trust MIS Solutions for IT Support and Service

Adam Egelhoff

MIS Solutions Gives Us Peace of Mind Knowing Our Systems are Safe and Secure

From the moment we hired MIS Solutions we have continued to advance our technology. They helped make the onboarding process easy and now that we have moved on from onboarding to service, their helpdesk technicians are always friendly and willing to help solve any issue that comes up.

Vice President and GM
Transchem, Inc.

Joel Silver

Keeping up With Technology is No Longer an Issue

With the help of MIS Solutions, we are able to effortlessly keep up with new and advanced technology and security solutions. It’s amazing seeing their knowledgeable, proactive and progressive team in action. When issues do pop up, they are very quick to respond and very friendly and professional.

General Manager
Borrmann Metal Center

Sophia Jaber

Having Access to Their Extensive Knowledge, Patient and Friendly Staff and Proactive Leaders Ensure that We Have a True Partner in Technology

What I like best about MIS Solutions is the staff’s incredible level of knowledge. They are friendly, patient and always available. And the executive team is always willing to help and provide solutions not only in the moment, but ‘big picture’ solutions that are forward-thinking and proactive. They explained all the great things they are available for and how they can provide assistance with large-scale IT projects. They not only provided valuable information, but they also laid out the map to success. – Sophia Jaber, Director of IT, Social Studies School Service

Director of IT
Social Studies School Service

John H. Bedard, Jr.

I Sleep Easier at Night Knowing the MIS Team is in My Corner, Supporting My Business and keeping my Systems in Tip-Top Shape

MIS provides great value. No more hourly bills. No more uncertainty. I know what my IT bill is going to be every month. I don’t get downright angry anymore when something goes wrong because of having to pay hourly for an IT person to first learn about my problem then try to fix it by trial and error. Thank you MIS!

Bedard Law Group, P.C.

Yunetta Hamby

MIS's Greenlight Cloud Solution Let's Us Focus on Insurance Instead of IT

I would highly recommend MIS. They make us feel like we’re the most important client and person at the moment. I know they do that for all their clients.

Office Manager
Burnette Insurance

William Shepherd

MIS Gives Us Peace of Mind Knowing Our Network is Functioning Seamlessly

Being back with MIS just gives me peace of mind knowing that my technology is functioning seamlessly behind the scenes without it interfering with and disrupting our day-to-day operations. It allows us to concentrate and focus our attention on what we’re in business for. We’re not in business to worry about computers, viruses, networks and servers. We’re in business to provide land surveying and engineering consulting and construction layout services – that’s what we’re good at; that’s what we specialize in. And if we’re having to worry about a virus on our computer or where our data is being stored or backed up, we can’t do our job.

Grant Shepherd & Associates

IT Issues Are Solved Quickly So There’s Very Little Disruption to Our Daily Operations

There is always someone available via phone to listen and handle our computer and server issues – never an automated attendant – during regular work hours. When we call MIS Solutions, we are immediately assisted with the issue until it is resolved. I would estimate that 98 percent of our issues are resolved within the same day. In comparison to our prior IT service provider, sometimes we would report a problem, then receive a call back only to be told it might take a day or so to resolve the problem.

Crystal Marble

Jamie Hood

I am so Thankful we Decided to Implement Rapid Recovery

One of our accounting representatives accidentally deleted ALL of our accounting customer contact data records. We were in a state of shock and immediately called MIS Solutions for assistance at 3:48 p.m. By 4:08 p.m, the team at MIS Solutions had used Rapid Recovery to restore the files and folders — and everything was put back the way it was supposed to be. Without Rapid Recovery and MIS’s responsiveness, it could have taken several hours to find and restore these critical files.

Advantage Fire

Joey Murphy

A Highly Friendly and Available Team Helps Us Run Smoothly

What I like best about working with MIS Solutions is that they are very responsive to all inquiries and they have a friendly staff. The on-call availability and remote computer repairs keeps our network running smoothly. I would recommend MIS’s services to other municipalities in Gwinnett County.

City Administrator
City of Dacula

Chris Ellison

Your Process Is Invaluable Because It Lets Us Overlay Business Priorities To Make Good Technology Choices

One of the things I like best about your company, is that there is “no box” when it comes to solving problems. MIS has a more diverse way of looking at things and finding creative ways to address our needs. When we have a problem or risk on the network, your group outlines not one, but multiple choices for us to resolve it and you explain the consequences, pros and cons of each choice. That process is invaluable because it lets us overlay business priorities to make good technology choices.

Your response time to emergencies has been fast. It’s just been so much better than anyone I’ve experienced in the past 24 years. I also appreciate that if I see something that could cause problems, your team is on it – they are ready and take charge. This is a huge step forward from our previous provider who had a tendency to wait until there was a major problem or system crash before addressing the early warning signals I reported.

Overall, I’m pleased with your service delivery and team’s responsiveness. I’ve already recommended your firm to others in our industry because I see the value that your program brings to minimize technology hassles, and when things do go wrong like updates or internet connectivity issues, I know you are there to help us through it fast and effectively.

Operations Manager at Carriage Automotive Group

Mona Reiser Armstrong

Security and Compliance Are No Longer Pain Points

The security of our files and being FERPA compliant has improved since hiring MIS Solutions. Their team always has our best interest at heart and they are able to come up with solutions quickly to keep us moving forward. Their work ethic, approach to problem-solving and their customer service have been phenomenal. We have really benefited from the quality of service we receive and MIS’s quick response time. Did I mention customer service is outstanding?

Access Education Holding Corp.

Chris Foster

Being a Managed Services Client Has Improved Our Uptime, Increased Our Productivity And Systematized Our Software Updates

The thing I love most about MIS Solutions is that they are never happy with the status quo. They are always striving to look for the best way they can service our business. It’s their mindset of constant improvement that has helped our network become more stable and reliable. When we do have problems with the Internet or systems, I know that they will respond to our needs.

President of Whitehead Electric Company

MIS’s Remote Help Desk is Like Having Your Own IT Department

The ease and convenience of how they handle my network is what makes working with MIS a pleasure. My business is located about 50 miles away and they handle my needs as if I were located right beside them. I do not have to wait on someone to show up on my job site to handle my needs. It is all about service and convenience, and MIS provides both.

Gayle Holcomb Agency

Tony Tanksley

Lightning-Fast Service Fills the Bill of Non-Profit Organization

Very late in the day, I received a request from our director to obtain a quote for software and laptops. We needed them by noon the next day. But Derek was able to get those to us first thing in the morning. MIS is usually very quick to respond to requests and problems.

Director of Finance
Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter

Sterling Flynn

With Your Help, We Completed PCI Compliance In Less Than Two Weeks

We hired MIS to initially help us with a Buffalo server and the PCI compliance requirements. At the time, we were considering hiring another IT person to help maintain our network. After working successfully with your team, we decided to give MIS a try as our outsourced IT department because we realized that we could have access to a wide range of technical talent (security, backup & disaster recovery, email, network administration, etc.) at a lower cost than hiring a single low end person with a single area of expertise. That was huge for us.

Technology Consultant at Living On The Edge With Chip Ingram

Angelia Morgan, Grattan Rowland

MIS Is There When We Need Them

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate the outstanding service MIS Solutions provided to our firm. As you can imagine with the tax filing deadline, we have been very busy and were looking to finalize returns and extensions for a few of our clients on Monday. The excellent service of MIS and your team meant that we were able to provide the level of service to our clients that they depend on.

Dir. of Operations & Founder – Rowland & Associates, Inc.

Patrick Walker

Hiring MIS is one of the best moves I have ever made”

Director of Operations
Stradis Healthcare

Betsy Olson

Accessibility to Knowledgeable and Professional People Takes the Worry Out of IT

“Having full access to all MIS folks from top down means I don’t have to worry about IT issues. Their speed of response and consideration of our time is what I like most about working with them. We moved our office into an ‘executive suites’ model and MIS folks, from upper management to the network architects, came in to assist with all things IT.”

Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia, Inc.

Donnie Houston

Your Attention and Quick Response to Our Needs Has Cut Costly Downtime

Computers are the lifeblood of our profession, thus if they are down, we are down. Our decision to go on the MIS Greenlight Service Plan has proven to be a cost-effective solution. With a staff of 20, downtime becomes very expensive and I am glad to report that our downtime to be at a minimum since going on the plan. Problems are diagnosed and corrected before they cause costly downtime.

Houston & Company, P.C.

MIS is More Than an IT Provider; They’re Our Partners in Business

The most valuable part of the business relationship with MIS is that all of the engineers and staff have worked patiently to teach us about the technology and systems we use. We have learned much more about the technology and systems we need and use. The result is that we are making sound and prudent decisions that make us stronger and more efficient as a company.

Operations Manager
National Allergy Supply

MIS’s Responsiveness Minimizes Downtime

My issues are treated with urgency, so that I can function without much downtime.

Operations and Safety Administrator
Advantage Fire

Michele Higginbotham-Crouse

MIS Solutions Adds the Human Touch to Technology

I like that I can reach a person – not an automated machine – to help me when I have an issue. Most of my experiences have been quickly resolved, typically while I am still on the phone with the technician.

Office Manager
Harris Medical Associates

Michael Levengood

They understand the importance of solving problems in real time.

J.Michael Levengood LLC

Our Relationship With MIS Is A Great Partnership

I really like being able to ask questions and know that MIS will share best practices on subjects like security, backups, antivirus, network standardization and simplification. I appreciate and rely on MIS’s “thought leadership”. If we have an issue, I know that MIS is there for me with options on how to tackle it from several different technology approaches. MIS is like a conductor for me on anything IT related. We lean on MIS’s experience and knowledge to get things done.

CRM Program Manager
Sterling Planet

MIS’s Greenlight Cloud and VoIP Phone System Improved Our Law Firm’s Productivity

Since moving to the Greenlight Cloud, we’ve been able to work more efficiently and are better organized than with our previous software. Every issue gets resolved in a timely manner, and everyone is always so nice and enthusiastic about helping with any issue we might have. For example, we were having our new phones installed and everyone was a little uneasy about having to switch to a completely new phone system. However, Matt came and made the transition much smoother. He went to each person in the office and happily gave us all a personal tutorial showing us how to operate the new phones. This helped to put our minds at ease and we were able to become much more comfortable with using the new phone system. Everyone on the MIS Solutions team is enjoyable and easy to talk to. I feel like I’m part of the MIS Solutions family!”

Woodhouse Law Firm