IT Services in Orange County: Why You Need More Than a Firewall for Your Cybersecurity

IT services providers in Orange County encourage businesses to install firewalls as a defense mechanism for cybersecurity. However, this should only act as the first line of defense. A firewall alone cannot fully protect your network from unauthorized access; the system can be compromised and penetrated easily.

Strengthening Your Business’ Cybersecurity with IT Services in Orange County

When it comes to security issues, outsourced IT services in Orange County may be the best weapon of choice in your arsenal. This is because third-party providers of software solutions are well-versed in malicious software (also called malware for short) like ransomware, spyware, adware, Trojan horse, worms, viruses, rootkits, to name several.

Cyber Security Solutions from Orange County IT Support Company

Orange County IT support company offer security awareness training (SAT) as a primary tool for cybersecurity. The prevalence of cybersecurity breaches today makes it critical to implement staff training to mitigate cybersecurity breaches. To secure your business and keep malicious activity at bay, all of your employees should have knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity.

Phishing alert: scammers now use encryption

When you visit an encrypted website, the connection between the source of the web page and your browser is secure. Encryption ensures users’ browsing habits are safe from hackers’ prying eyes, but phishing scammers have found a way to adopt it for their own schemes. How hackers use encryption to carry out phishing scams According […]

HP laptop users beware: keylogger found

You might be entering credit card details on a website to purchase something online or filling in your personal information to subscribe to a service, thinking you’re safe behind the keyboard. And you probably are — if the computer you’re using doesn’t have a keylogger installed. But for HP laptop users, chances are they aren’t […]

Steer clear from these types of malware

Did you know that viruses, ransomware, spyware, and trojans are all categorized as types of malware? Having been around for decades, these cyber threats have grown both in number and intensity. Needless to say, it pays to know how each of them works as well as how to protect your business. Viruses Once created to […]

Beware: Nyetya is worse than WannaCry

The cyber community hasn’t fully recovered from the WannaCry ransomware attacks, which struck businesses and organizations in May. Now, a Petya ransomware variant named Nyetya is poised to join its ranks as one of the worst cyber attacks in history. Like WannaCry, its attackers exploited unpatched Microsoft vulnerabilities and demanded a $300 ransom in Bitcoins. […]