Work From Home Technology That Minimizes Frustration

The pandemic has brought many challenges and changes to the structure of the workplace.

Even though 20 months have gone by since the beginning of the pandemic, companies are still struggling with managing a remote workforce while keeping their employees productive and their technology networks secure. 

Having the right technology in place will boost productivity and enhance network security in the long run. 

What you can do to minimize remote work frustrations: 

Invest in Cloud Computing Software 

If your company follows a fully remote or hybrid model, then geography might be a challenge. The cloud with hosted desktops solves these headaches. A hosted desktop allows a user to log in from any device in any location, whether it be from home, another office, or a customer’s site. The experience is the same, and users have access to all files and applications they do in the office. Learn more about the importance of the cloud from cybersecurity expert and our CEO, Lliam Holmes, in his recent LinkedIn article here. 

Set up VoIP Phone Systems 

Having a consistent phone experience – whether in the office or at home – will reduce frustration and increase productivity for your staff.  VoIP allows employees to answer and make business calls from their computer, their mobile phones or their desk phones. Give our team a call to learn more about VoIP installation for your business. 

Streamline your Collaboration Tools 

Having one primary collaboration tool like Slack or Teams helps streamline your communication and collaboration. If you have multiple tools in place, consider consolidating to one; so messages don’t get lost in the shuffle. 

Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Turning on MFA is simple and will add an extra layer of defense to all of your accounts. Ensure that all core applications are MFA-enabled, including applications within your network as well as third-party applications. Don’t forget about social media accounts, the company intranet, CRM, or any other application used by your organization.

Schedule Regular Employee Security Training Sessions

Employee education is one of the most important layers of security, but it is often overlooked. Get a date on your calendar and start hosting regular security training sessions with your employees. Make sure that they know what to look out for when it comes to hackers, phishing attacks and protecting your business. 

For more helpful resources on how to work from home successfully: 

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