Meet Sabrina, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Sabrina, Our Pet of the Month

Sabrina, our pet of the month
Sometimes we get Pet of the Month entries that need no augmenting or editing. This is one of them. Thanks to Brian Walters of Brand-Vaughan Lumber for sharing his pretty Sabrina with us – and giving us a chuckle. Also, we like lasagna.

What is your pet’s name? Sabrina

Does her name have a special meaning? It’s a combination of her mother’s name (Katrina) and her grandmother’s name (Sophia).

What breed is Sabrina? Independent. She doesn’t like to be pigeonholed. Although she likes pigeons.

How old is she? 15

How long have you had Sabrina? 80 years in Cat years. If you want to learn more about cat years, visit

Do you bring her to work? Sometimes, but I have to hide her in my pants.

What is her favorite toy or activity? She bakes a mean lasagna.

What is an interesting fact about Sabrina? She identifies as a dog.

What is the BEST thing about your pet? She gets a discount at Publix for bagging groceries.

Do you have a funny or interesting story about her? In one of her nine lives, she was a backup singer for Cat Stevens.

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