Creating a Safer Digital Workplace with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Creating a Safer Digital Workplace with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Businesses of all sizes are at risk of suffering a data breach, which is why many firms turn to managed IT services experts in Atlanta.

Cybersecurity should be a major priority for every company. Here are reasons why businesses should explore opportunities with an experienced IT support firm in Atlanta that lead to better data protection:

Why Hackers Prey Upon Endpoints

The more endpoints your system uses, the more potential entrances you create for cybercriminals. One of their goals is to exploit software weaknesses without current patches available. This strategy is known as a "zero-day attack." From there they can infect other connected devices. Another goal is to steal confidential information they can sell to other criminals. Some of the most advanced hackers sell confidential financial information in bundles of a million profiles.

How IT Experts Handle Cybersecurity

Endpoint security solutions must be so sophisticated hackers give up. It's a matter of establishing multiple security layers, so that if antivirus is breached, there's still another brick wall to get through and then another. Some reliable modern solutions for protecting account information include encryption and complex alphanumeric passwords with special characters. Both hardware and software can be protected with firewalls.

Broader systems require more robust solutions such as virtualization and automated 24/7 monitoring software with machine learning capabilities. One of the most important ways an IT consultant can help your business is to collect and analyze data then spread awareness.

Your managed IT services team in Atlanta can play a key role in building these security layers for you. The latest technology for endpoint protection uses machine learning that automatically detects unusual traffic patterns and strange activity. Suspicious files and links are put in a "sandbox" so that if any are infected, they will be isolated from the rest of the system.


Adding a seasoned managed IT services team in Atlanta to your budget can strengthen cybersecurity so that you can focus more on core business goals. Contact us at MIS Solutions to learn more about making your business network more secure.