Test Your Existing Security with the Help of IT Support Experts in Atlanta

Test Your Existing Security with the Help of IT Support Experts in Atlanta

Working with IT support experts in Atlanta can be very important in helping you determine if you've got security that measures up to threats defining the IT world today. A static solution is no solution, as the "buck" is continuously passed. The "goalposts" are always moving.

Testing Methods

Technological iterations transpire at approximately eighteen-month intervals. Every eighteen months, technology is twice as effective as once it was. Accordingly, you've got to test your existing security solutions. Following are a few common ways this may be done, including:

Proper Assessment of Risk, Including Vulnerability

IT companies in Atlanta help businesses determine where they've got "holes" in their security. Risk assessment can be quite necessary. You're not going to see the problems you've got internally.

Can you see the back of your head when you're walking? No, because you're limited by your own body. Well, the body of your business can't see itself from without; that requires another business body with good intent--in this case, an MSP.

Testing for Penetration Avenues

IT support providers in Atlanta offer solutions which allow you to really see how vulnerable you are. A penetration test, or pen-test for short, is where a tech professional carefully goes about the business of breaking into your network and seeing which data is most at risk.

There's always a hole somewhere. There are times when the only way to penetrate is through access credentials, in which case login policy needs to be altered. There's almost always vulnerability somewhere.

Auditing for Compliance

IT experts can also help you determine if your IT infrastructure is compliant in terms of the law. Legal compliance is fundamental. If you're found out of compliance, there will be extensive fines you may have to contend with.

Probing Security for Greatest Effectiveness

At MIS Solutions, our IT support experts in Atlanta can help you find ways to audit for compliance, conduct penetration tests, and assess the level of operational risk or vulnerability that may impact your operation. Contact us now for more information on security auditing and how to best fortify your IT infrastructure.