IT Support in Atlanta: Advantages of BYOD for Your Business

IT support may be the most essential piece of your tech strategy for your business in Atlanta. Different businesses have different needs, but what many consultants are advising even SMBs to do right now is consider BYOD. Bring Your Own Device helps most businesses save money.

Advantages of BYOD

IT services experts in Atlanta can help you institute MDM, or Mobile Device Management. MDM and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are two primary security measures very core to effective BYOD. Provided you’ve got a good management protocol in place, you’ll be able to experience clear advantages. Following, we’ll briefly explore a few:

  • Reduced Operational Overhead
  • Expanded Employee Productivity
  • Greater Competitive Viability

Reduced Operational Overhead

IT support in Atlanta can help you determine the costs of making the BYOD switch and help you find out where you can cut previously necessary internal tech infrastructure to find profitable equilibrium. For example, once you go with BYOD, you don’t need to purchase employee devices anymore.

Also, you don’t need to keep them on-site; employees can work from wherever they want to with BYOD. You can cut on-site overhead costs pertaining to workspace. That includes parking and janitorial staff. This will save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Expanded Employee Productivity

There is sound evidence that BYOD produces increased productivity among employees. One, they can work from wherever they are whenever they want to. Accordingly, they’re going to “put out small fires”, as it were, quicker; they might even voluntarily put in some hours on the weekend. Two, there’s no commute or peers to distract or discourage productivity.

Greater Competitive Viability

IT consulting experts can help you institute effective BYOD infrastructure. You get more productivity out of employees and can operate at diminished cost, allowing you to focus resources on core operational prerogatives.

Getting the Advice You Need for the Right Move

IT support in Atlanta can be integral in helping you explore BYOD options that help you be more competitive, expand productivity of employees and reduce operational overhead. Contact us now at MIS Solutions for more information on BYOD to help you explore this new infrastructural protocol and determine if it’s right for your business.

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