Meet Argos, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Argos, Our Pet of the Month

Who’s a good boy? Argos! This sweet fella is a 15-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier belonging to Lisa Garmon of Burnette Insurance. “The name Argos is steeped in mythological Greek history but is known primarily as Odysseus’ faithful and loyal dog in Homer’s Greek poem The Odyssey.

“His original name was Tank. I don’t know too many facts about Argos other than he was pulled out of the Bibb County Animal Shelter by All About Animals Rescue in Macon,” said Lisa. “This rescue actively works to place their animals into good homes and will feature them on Facebook. That is where I spotted him. We already had two dogs and had recently lost one. We were still grieving that loss when one Sunday evening I saw Argos on Facebook and something about his face, eyes and ears (or lack of) drew my attention. That following Saturday, we made the two-and-a-half-hour drive down to Macon to pick this boy up and there has not been a dull moment in our household since then.”

At 29 to 37 pounds full grown, Staffies tend to be slightly smaller than their American Pit Bull counterparts. Some like to swim. Some don’t. Either way, they are always ready with their naturally stout and muscular beach bodies.

Argos enjoys rolling his big orange ball around and de-stuffing his stuffed animals. Playing tug of war with the other four-legged children in the Garmon home is also a favorite pastime. But mostly he just wants to be a part of everything going on.

“Argos is vocal. He sasses you when you get on to him, he yodels when sitting in his crate while waiting on his food and he grunts and moans when he is comfortable and content,” said Lisa. “Oh yes, and lastly, he snores loudly when in a deep sleep.”

The best thing about this sweet boy? He is a very loving and loyal companion – true to his name.