Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Consultation and Tech Solutions Help You Maximize Server Life

Getting managed IT services in Atlanta can be an integral part of your software and hardware management profile. Many expensive solutions have a very real shelf-life, and if you don’t factor this into acquisitions, upgrade, and maintenance, you’ll spend more than you have to. Furthermore, you’ll weaken your company.

How to Tell If Your Server Is Nearly Past Its Usefulness

How old is your server? They’re only rated for between three and five years; that’s the traditional warranty. Constantly using your server–and most servers are only off if they’re about to be rebooted–runs down interior mechanical components. However, sometimes, you don’t need to upgrade right away–a server that’s been running fine for eight years shouldn’t be thrown out if it’s still productive. Consider these tips to help you make the best upgrade choices:

Hot CPUs

This is a rule of thumb: when a server is 18 degrees Fahrenheit above 68 degrees, it will drop in speed 50%. So if the CPU is 104 degrees, or two iterations of 18 degrees past 68, it will be 100% slower–perhaps not even responsive. CPUs are cooled by server fans. Sometimes cleaning and fixing components will stop the problem, but ideally, you shouldn’t have it in the first place. A hot CPU is an indicator of a dying server.

Failures That Happen Randomly, The Need to Regularly Reboot

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta regularly help their customers reboot networks run from servers owing to random failures. When this happens a lot, failures or the need to reboot, it’s a sign the server is getting taxed beyond its capacity or it’s wearing down in general.

Programs Running Extremely Slow

Programs that run very slow could indicate an overheating CPU or any of a host of issues. The server could just be too old for the load put on it by larger data sets from technologically superior software. Whatever the case, leaving it be will waste productive time on unnecessary loading. Eventually, there’s an event horizon; run a cost-benefit analysis pertaining to your company’s specific variables to discover where it is. Consultation can help you determine what to watch out for.

Maximizing Your Most Integral Hardware Assets

At MIS Solutions, our managed IT services provider in Atlanta can help you determine key factors pertaining to correct server functionality. When programs are slow, they fail, you need to reboot regularly, the CPU is hot, and you’re outside your warranty, you may need to either replace your server(s) or make the cloud switch. Contact us now for more information.

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