Our IT Services Team in Atlanta Informs You the Many Types of Ransomware and Ways to Avoid

Turn on the news or surf the popular web news sites and you are likely to hear about ransomware attacks. There are numerous ransomware strains causing havoc around the world. However, there are some defenses available to prevent ransomware attacks. Our IT services team in Atlanta can help protect your computer, network, and finances against the cybercriminals responsible for ransomware attacks. Below, we provide a quick look at the different types of ransomware.


Ransomware has been around for several decades, yet it did not reach the mainstream until CryptoLocker hit the scene in 2013. The initial CryptoLocker botnet was defeated in the spring of ’14. However, the evil individuals behind CryptoLocker had successfully extorted several millions of dollars from targets. Hackers have copied this CryptoLocker approach in the years since, creating several variations of CryptoLocker. However, today’s versions of CryptoLocker are not directly tied to the original.

Bad Rabbit

This ransomware strain has infected organizations throughout Europe and Russia. Bad Rabbit infiltrates computers and networks by way of an Adobe Flash update that appears legitimate yet is actually fake. The update is presented on websites that have been hacked. Most Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks require payment of half a bitcoin, equaling nearly $300.


The digital miscreants responsible for CTB-Locker outsource infections to partners for a share of the payments. This approach has resulted in extensive malware infections in surprisingly little time. If you end up with CTB-Locker or any other ransomware, do the smart thing by reaching out to IT services experts in Atlanta for prompt assistance.


If your office is like most others, it uses Office 365 on the cloud. Unfortunately, this cloud-based software sets the stage for a Cerber ransomware infection. Cerber has compromised millions of users through a complicated phishing campaign. This malware sheds light on the importance of SaaS backup used along with on-site digital protections. If you need assistance with such backups and other aspects of digital security, do not hesitate to ask our managed security team in Atlanta for assistance.


GoldenEye is spread through an elaborate campaign that zeroes in on human resources departments. Once the file is downloaded, a macro is activated to encrypt computer files. GoldenEye tacks on a randomized extension to each encrypted file. The ransomware even alters the hard drive’s master boot record with the use of a custom-tailored boot loader.

If you are concerned about ransomware and other digital threats, At MIS Solutions, Inc., our IT services team in Atlanta can here fortify your digital defenses and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance!

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