IT Services in Atlanta: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Server

When it comes to servers, the average business owner, manager and employee is understandably uninformed. Instead of risking your hard-earned money on a new server, the better approach is to lean on IT services experts in Atlanta for assistance. Tech specialists will steer you in the right direction, ensuring the server you add to your business provides exactly what you are looking for at a fair price. Let’s take a look at the top considerations to think about when shopping for a server.

Identify Your Organization’s Unique Needs

IT services providers in Atlanta consider each business’s unique needs before recommending a specific server. After all, each business has an idiosyncratic infrastructure. There is also the matter of each company’s nuanced tech needs for its unique customer base. Perhaps your company has standardized with a specific original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Additional server considerations include:

  • The type and number of applications run
  • The amount of power necessary
  • Memory needs
  • The processor required
  • The type of connectivity for your unique business
  • Manageability concerns such as remote access
  • The switch port types and quantity necessary to support the server
  • Potential server virtualization needs

Applications are Especially Important

The server you select will largely hinge on the applications your organization runs. Most corporate applications are fairly robust, necessitating highly specific hardware for support. Select a server that minimizes or even eliminates errors, downtime, and latency.

Mind the Processor

The applications your unique business uses play a large part in determining the optimal processor. In the majority of instances, applications mandate a specific processor type, speed, and core. Do not end up wasting your money on a processor that is unnecessarily powerful for your organization’s unique needs. We will also help you sidestep the trap of selecting a processor that fails to provide a truly balanced server leading to bottlenecking. Even something as seemingly subtle as having the proper number of ports on the switch matters.

Our team is here to sweat all the small stuff on your behalf to ensure your server needs are fully met at the right price.

If you are planning on adding a new server to your business, our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help. Contact us now at MIS Solutions to find out more about our tech services and schedule an appointment.

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