How IT Services Firms in Atlanta Can Provide Cloud Options That Benefit Your Operation

How IT Services Firms in Atlanta Can Provide Cloud Options That Benefit Your Operation

Getting Your Head Around Cloud Computing

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you determine if the cloud is right for your business. For most operations, it will be. Essentially, cloud computing is networked servers providing turnkey IT options. Amazon cloud has 1.3 million servers networked together.

Benefits of the Cloud

Most businesses don't get more than a few hundred servers networked together. Accordingly, renting tech services through the cloud allows you to get more technology capability and potential at the less overall cost, expanding your viability. Consider these benefits:

  • Clear expense reduction
  • Expansion in security
  • Competitive viability

Clear Expense Reduction

IT services in Atlanta cumulatively cuts costs. You can outsource office space and expand employee productivity through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). You cut hardware expenses as well. You can reduce personnel expenses through reduced need for IT people. When you make the cloud transition, keep who you have, but don't spend more on additional employees as you scale-out and you'll save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Expansion in Security

IT support in Atlanta expand your security profile through the cloud. Compartmentalization of questionable data, monitoring, support, recovery options, secure storage, and the latest in security technology are all available through the cloud. In terms of security, it's the difference between doing car repairs in your own garage or at a professional mechanic's shop.

Competitive Viability

IT support in Atlanta make you more competitively viable. This is done through downtime reduction, increased security, expanded productivity through options like BYOD, and reduced infrastructural overhead through provision of the same functions as traditional on-site IT. Such options are available at what are essentially monthly turnkey costs.

Cloud Solutions Matching Your Business

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions helps expand competitive viability by providing consultation into the best cloud options for your business. Proper cloud application increases security effectiveness and facilitates marked reduction in costs associated with operational IT. Contact us for more information on cloud computing options and how they can benefit you.