Simple Tips from IT Support Experts in Atlanta to Do a Cybersecurity Audit

Conducting a cybersecurity audit with the help of IT support experts in Atlanta is the first step towards protecting your business data. With the advancement in technology, cybercriminals have invented sophisticated techniques to launch attacks. 68% of the victims of cybercrimes have incurred a monetary loss.

Doing network security audits can help you identify security risks in time to prevent potential attacks. Cybersecurity audits can save your business from financial losses, reputation damage, and a shutdown.
Here are simple steps shared by IT experts to help you conduct a successful cybersecurity audit:

Identify the Threats

91% of cyber-attacks are launched via phishing emails opened by employees. Employees as entry points are among the risks you should look at. Data loss caused by a natural disaster, employee negligence, poor password hygiene, and BYOD are the most common threats today. Measure how vulnerable your business is.

Evaluate the Threats

Is your company able to protect your data against the listed threats? Assess each risk and the structures your organization has in place to protect itself against them. IT support experts in Atlanta will get you feedback from a professional’s point of view. Also, working with managed IT security experts in Atlanta will eliminate bias in the generation of a cybersecurity audit report.

Prioritize the Threats According to the Likelihood of an Attack Taking Place and the Potential Damage It Will Cause

Create a risk score for each of the listed threats. This should cover the extent of damage and the probability that it can occur. Focus on the cyber-attack trends in your industry and the techniques that can be used to defend your organization against attacks. Familiarizing yourself with the threats the industry faces can help you put systems in place that can protect your data.

Create Solutions to the Threats Based on High-Risk Priority

After listing the risks and assessing if your systems are enough to mitigate them, start designing foolproof solutions to each of the threats. Identify areas where you need to improve and cybersecurity practices you should do away with.

If your major threat is employees being a weak link, plan a staff cybersecurity training to create awareness on the implications of cybercrime. Educating them on the best cyber practices can help you seal the security flaw. If the most significant threat to business continuity is lack of a plan B after a successful attack, formulate a regular data backup system.

A cybersecurity audit done by IT support experts in Atlanta can help you secure your network. At MIS Solutions, we conduct cybersecurity audits for our clients to enhance their organization’s defenses. Contact us now for more information.

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