IT Support in Atlanta Helps You Acquire and Secure Apps for Enterprise Operations

IT support experts in Atlanta keep pace with transitions presently defining the market. For example, third-party applications act as Trojans for viruses like the DDoS worm that knocked out most of the east coast in the fourth quarter of 2016 through smartphones. Your enterprise-level apps may not be third-party, but substantially impacting issues can develop nonetheless.

Strategies to Manage Applications Securely

IT consulting experts advise a number of app management strategies. For example, never download anything of the third-party variety in terms of enterprise applications unless you personally know the software developer. Even then, it’s iffy because that third-party developer may not have access to security. Consider these tips, too:

Securing Endpoints: MDM

IT support experts in Atlanta can strengthen endpoints through mobile device management (MDM). Such MDM solutions can upgrade, reboot, or disable devices. MDM management allows you to eject devices from your network and prevent them from accessing your network from insecure locations. Additionally, good or bad apps can be authorized or restricted.

Application Segmentation – “App Wrapping”

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) in Atlanta advise application segmentation. You isolate operating apps from other software on a device or network. When the app operates, it operates on its own. This is called “app wrapping”, and basically, the app runs in a miniature environment where, even if it’s got some hidden Trojan, it can’t negatively affect anything.

Using Operating Systems Fortified for App Security (Think: iOS)

Find Operating Systems (OS) which naturally have been configured with application security in mind. From Apple, “iOS” systems were built with this in mind. There are many Android protections as well, consultation with an MSP can help you determine which options best fit your operation.

Being Sure of Application Security Across the Surface Area of Your Business

MIS Solutions is an IT support firm in Atlanta that can help you acquire the right OS solutions for your business, institute app wrapping, and most effectively secure endpoints through the latest MDM protocols. Contact us now for more information.

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