Design a Worthwhile Disaster Recovery Plan with IT Support in Atlanta

IT support firms in Atlanta can help you overcome true operational dangers. First and foremost, the greatest threats to your business will develop from either sabotage or user error internally. You need recovery options for that alone, not to mention the multi-trillion-dollar cybercrime market defining technology today. Your network will crash at some point.

IT services companies in Atlanta provide a lot of different solutions for diverse clients. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) represents cloud-based recovery protocols. This is a key means of bouncing back after a network crash. Key elements of DRaaS and other recovery options include:

Continuous Employee Education to Avoid Crashes

IT support firms in Atlanta need to keep educating employees. New threats arise all the time— they can develop daily. Training daily isn’t too feasible, unless you work with MSPs to outline such solutions. However, a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly refresher could be worthwhile.

Backing Up Data in Multiple Areas for Comprehensive Protection

IT services providers in Atlanta often advise you use a plan of data protection following the 3-2-1 rule. That’s three total network backups on at least two different types of media, one of which being located off-site. You want this should your primary site be totally destroyed by a disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or domestic attack.

Establishing Effective Protocols for Recovery to Reduce Downtime

Downtime is very expensive. It can cost $5,600 a minute for some businesses. If you’re going to sidestep that, you need outsourced recovery options that are designed to expedite recovery. These protocols must be established beforehand, and they may require adjustment going forward.

Incorporating Disaster Recovery Strategies into Your Business

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions can help you establish effective recovery protocols in the wake of unexpected disaster either internally or externally. Downtime reduction, comprehensive backups, and continuous personnel education are key aspects of such strategy. Contact us for more information.

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