IT Support in Atlanta: Application Security Vulnerabilities and Best Practices

Data by High-Tech Bridge Security Research shows that 16.2% of US companies have at least two apps that are vulnerable to attacks. These attacks could be directly targeting user data in them, such as credit card information, or they could be an automation tactic for finding other critical weak points in your system. IT support experts in Atlanta can help to strengthen your defenses against various application security threats.

Application vulnerabilities to watch out for include:

  • Broken authentication
  • Injection flaws
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Data breaches
  • Directory traversal
  • Format string flaws
  • Error handling flaws

Application Security Best Practices

1. Create an asset inventory

An asset inventory helps to track all your data, software, and the servers that they run on. Typically, the list consists of software details and version, system type, physical and logical location, resource administration, and data sensitivity, among other components. This information will help you to track down vulnerabilities that are applicable to your environment.

2. Carry out a threat assessment

Frequent vulnerability testing is critical for a safe cybersecurity posture. The application threat environment is agile, and therefore regular assessments are needed to ascertain the resilience of the controls you have in place.

This assessment helps to figure out the types of risks you have and can help guide your subsequent mitigation measures.

3. Implement the right technical controls

The primary technical security controls for your apps is encryption. It would help to work with IT support experts in Atlanta for this. They can help to lock down your sensitive data through measures such as multifactor authentication, HTTPS, using updated versions of TSL and public key pins.

4. Patch management

Patches can help to deal with security gaps and various vulnerabilities. Software developers often deliver patches for their products regularly. Your only work here is to ensure that you are using the latest version of your applications.

By doing that, you would have accomplished a significant milestone in cybersecurity. Failure to patch your apps with the latest updates may leave you exposed to newly discovered vulnerabilities by the software makers.

5. Use secure containers

Containers help in-app modernization and can also speed up the process of app development, testing, and deployment. If not properly secured, containers can be the weak point in the whole of your app security structure.

Containers should be secured from the build process through to run the time process. Resource isolation and workload separations are some of the measures you can take for container security.

The Key Takeaway

Application attacks are on the rise, having made up 67 % of all cyber incidences in 2018. Comprehensive IT support for your Atlanta business is needed to prevent these attacks. At MIS Solutions, we offer cutting-edge managed IT security solutions that can help secure your business apps in Atlanta. Contact us now for more information.

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