IT Services in Atlanta: Your Guide to Dealing with Cyber Threats

IT Services in Atlanta: Your Guide to Dealing with Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are just as much of a problem as tangible threats posed by thieves and other miscreants. Though cybersecurity features are improving, cyber thieves are constantly on the prowl to pinpoint new ways to pilfer data. Below, our IT services team in Atlanta explains how to deal with cyber threats and prevent a potentially devastating attack.

Recognize the Legitimacy of the Threat

The first--- and possibly most important--- step in dealing with cybersecurity attacks is to understand the magnitude of the threat. Though most businesses have taken at least a few steps to prevent a digital security breach, plenty of digital attacks still prove successful. Do not underestimate this threat. Digital security threats are constantly lurking and morphing, making it quite challenging for businesses to counter these attacks in a truly effective manner. If your business is not proactive, it is only a matter of time until your organization is the next victim of a cyber-attack. Our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help implement the appropriate digital safeguards for your unique organization. In particular, the real-time assessment and ongoing monitoring of your company's data, as well as your network, will prove essential to safeguarding your valuable information.

Software Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in software make it that much easier for hackers to breach the system. Such weak points are commonly dubbed “holes” within the software. Holes can be filled with software patches, yet such patches mandate ongoing updates. The bottom line is malware will always be a threat. This software is specifically designed to damage computer networks, spread to other computers and cause havoc. If your business does not have the optimal control in place for widespread protection, you will make it that much easier for digital miscreants to penetrate your computer network.

Phishing Emails Have Become a Major Problem

Phishing is an attempt to pilfer personal information such as usernames, passwords, etc. The transmitter pretends he or she is worthy of trust, oftentimes directing targets toward phony websites where they are asked to type in personal information. If your team is not aware of the threat of phishing emails, it is only a matter of time until they are deceived, and your company's web security is compromised.

It is no secret that cyber threats abound. The question is what, exactly, will your business do about the threat? At MIS Solutions, our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help analyze your digital vulnerabilities and implement the proper protections. Reach out to us today to learn more about our digital security solutions and other IT services.