Managed IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Meter Cost-Saving Telecommuting Options

Substantial Savings Potential

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta save businesses substantial resources through provision of telecommuting options like BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. Legal firms have high numbers of telecommuting–in a poll comprising 18,000 legal professionals, 57% were found to use some form of telecommuting.

That’s pretty big. If you’ve got operations where telecommuting can be applied, not applying them could competitively undermine you. However, there’s another consideration: BYOD options actually increase employee productivity.

Maximizing Telecommuting Benefits

With telecommuting options like BYOD, you save money in hardware but make more money from existing infrastructure than you could otherwise–it’s a win-win. All that being said, if you go this route, you’ll want to properly prepare staff. Consider the following strategies:

Educating Employees

Your employees will be in situations where if they’re not educated properly, they could provide a hacker access to your entire network. You’ve got to let them know what to watch out for, what to do, what not to do, and how to do these things. BYOD protocols should include mobile device management (MDM).

You need to be able to access, monitor, initialize, or deactivate devices remotely in ideal circumstances. Additionally, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a wise option to safeguard your network.

Making Sure Everyone’s Got the Right Tools

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta can help you get the right tools for the telecommuting job. Device as a Service (DaaS) options exist today which allow you to do all your work on a cloud-based network, and sub out devices if one starts acting up on you. Legal firms can consolidate hardware, further bettering the security of sensitive files.

Simultaneously, this can be done at reduced cost. BYOD, where employees use their own computers, can be even less expensive, but it won’t be as secure. Also, you’ll need to use security tools like MFA or MDM more integrally. Which is best for you depends on your operation.

Assuring Comprehensive Operational Security

Monitoring operations is key, as is data security. Managed service providers (MSPs) do this better through updated, competitively purified techniques. MSPs have to outdo the competition or lose their share of the market. Accordingly, they’ll have the latest tech security best practices and tools available to help you maximize any telecommuting infrastructure.

Effectively Employing Telecommuting Solutions

MIS Solutions is a managed IT services provider in Atlanta that can help you effectively educate employees pertaining to new telecommuting protocols, keep everybody on the same page with the right tools, and safeguard data coming or going for your internal network. Contact us now for more information on options like BYOD and how they can better your business.

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