IT Support in Atlanta for Automatic Security Patch Management

Having IT support in Atlanta is essential in helping your business avoid being undermined by cybercrime. Patching really should be automatic for best results. Here’s the thing: technology in the “white hat” arena expands on itself exponentially, still following Moore’s Law expansion.

Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law isn’t dead. At the present time, exponential technology potential continues to increase year upon year. This means on the other side of the IT coin, “black hat” technologists expand their “hacking firepower”, as it were. This is a global phenomenon, and sometimes rogue governments use the “black hat” IT sector against other countries.

Foreign Dangers

North Korea used such means to attack the world with the “WannaCry” worm several years ago. If you’re going to keep your network and the data on it secure, you’re going to need patch management solutions which keep systems safe.

Over 150 countries were impacted by North Korea’s worm, and those who had automatic patching avoided the issue. It was a known issue deriving from an NSA leak, giving technologists time to design countermeasures. The leak was in March 2017, and the WannaCry worm hit in May of that year. Automatically patched businesses didn’t experience this ransomware scourge.

Vulnerability Reduction

In addition to protecting operations, patch management of the automated variety cuts down the cost of doing the process manually. Internal tech teams aren’t going to have the resources to remain on top of trends as they come like MSPs will–that’s also something to consider.

Reducing the vulnerability of your business is a key feature of reliable and secure operations. It’s also an ongoing process. You should have penetration tests every couple of years, and additionally, don’t forget your staff. The biggest security threats develop internally through user error or other happenstance.

Sometimes, outright corporate espionage transpires within your organization. Refreshing employees on best practices every couple of months is very wise. Tech agencies providing businesses large and small with security solutions often have avenues which can be used for such employee education.

Patch Advantages

Having IT support in Atlanta can be a key means of helping you institute automation options. This will help your business retain several key advantages:

  • Expanded security
  • Reduced downtime Losses
  • A Better public image

When you’re always managing security, you’ll keep downtime losses at a minimum by reducing overall instances of impact. Better security makes your business appear more professional in the public eye.

Incorporating Patch Updates

At MIS Solutions, our IT support team in Atlanta can help expand your security, reduce downtime losses, and retain a better image through effective patch-management protocols. Automated solutions save time and money and are key in today’s rapidly transforming tech environment. Contact us now for more information.

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