Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Ransomware and Its Countermeasures

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta can help you safeguard your business against known cyber threats like ransomware. If you’re unfamiliar, this is basically malware which holds your data for ransom against payment in bitcoin, or more direct means. Commonly, ransomware attacks can be noted and blocked before they impact operations, but you will have to prepare beforehand. Following, steps to infection and deflection will be explored:

  • Hackers initiate a distribution campaign
  • Targets become infected with their malware
  • Ransomware insinuates itself to survive a reboot
  • Ransomware scans to determine sensitive data worthy of encryption

Expanded Ransomware Initiation

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta can help you educate your staff pertaining to how the malware cycle works. Basically, cybercriminal startups throw seeds in the wind. They identify targets and materials most likely to effectively exploit target vulnerabilities. Sometimes this is a mass email campaign, sometimes a site dedicated to free movies, sometimes something more sinister. The targets are infected, and the ransomware hides until it figures out how to survive a reboot and encrypt as much sensitive data as possible.

Response Measures

Handling ransomware requires prior preparation. Solutions like those available from can help you manage these steps, which include the following:

  • Antimalware installed, firewalls established
  • Continuous monitoring and support applied
  • Infected machines are quarantined
  • Continuously backed up data is used to reboot without ransomware
  • Information is logged to help prevent similar future incidences

An IT consulting firm in Atlanta can help you determine malware threats and prevention measures, including firewalls. You need around-the-clock monitoring for best security. Infected machines should be quarantined. Information must be continuously backed up; the 3-2-1 backup strategy can be important. From there, information is recorded to avoid similar future ransomware threats.

Securing Your Business

Work with managed IT services experts in Atlanta to help you design the most effective ransomware prevention and response measures. Contact us at MIS Solutions for more information on securing your business from ransomware and other cybercriminal threats.

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