Managed IT Services Experts in Atlanta Illuminate Tactics to Defer Phishing and Social Engineering Hacks

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta help their clients defer two critically damaging cyber threats: social engineering hacks and phishing. If you’re unfamiliar, “phishing” is where hackers try to “fake” like they’re someone inside your business. You might get an email from “”, when the real address is “”. Because only one letter differs, people don’t see that a phishing scam is in place, and send money where it shouldn’t go.

Social engineering relies on human psychology. Social engineering hacks are more personal, generally. Someone might call a company and act like the wife or husband of an employee who just needs information. They play on human weaknesses to steal information or assets.

Tactics to Offset Hacker Strategies

Managed security experts in Atlanta can help protect your business from both phishing scams and social engineering hacks. There are a number of best practices that will give you the protection you need, several worth considering include the following:

Be Aware of Threats Through Email

Managed IT services professionals in Atlanta can help you identify common email threats. Usually, they’ll be sent at odd times, be full of spelling errors, and demand either sensitive information or assets. Sometimes, they’re just asking you for login data to “confirm your account wasn’t hacked”, and when you click on the link in the email, it sends you to a page that looks legitimate. However, that page is a “front” designed to steal your username and password. Educate staff pertaining to features of email which may indicate cybercrime and how to identify such features.

Carefully Put Together Strategies for Resilience

Resilience requires recovery strategies to be in place because the best security can’t counteract the most dedicated hacker. Humans designed computers, smart people can always sidestep security if they really want to. You need to be able to lock them out and reboot with the vulnerability patched.

Continuously Educate Personnel on Security Best Practices

Being aware of email threats and having resilience strategies requires educating personnel. This education should take place at intervals throughout the year. Daily would be great but isn’t feasible for most businesses. Quarterly refreshers will work. At minimum, have refreshers twice a year.

Comprehensively Securing Your Business

At MIS Solutions, our managed IT services experts in Atlanta can help you educate personnel, put together resilience strategies, and avoid being taken in by underhanded emails. Contact us now for more information on cybersecurity threats, and how to counteract them.

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