IT Services in Atlanta: What You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Business Network

Your business network allows the computer users in your company to access the internet from the same connection. Setting it up doesn’t have to be overly complicated once you understand the basics. If you have a larger company or need outside IT services in Atlanta, help is always available. To set up your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), you must figure out your business needs, get the right hardware, do the setup, and make sure your connection is secure.

Evaluate Your Business Needs

Different businesses have different network needs. Look at the size of your company, how many computer users you have in your offices, how much data is routinely shared and transferred, what your remote work needs are, your type of server preference, your current budget, and your plans for business growth and expansion.

To set up a network, you need two main hardware devices— a router or access point and a server. The router can be wireless or wired, whichever makes sense to you. A wired network or ethernet uses physical cables to connect computers and devices. This is the traditional way of doing things, but wireless routers have since dominated most networks. Wired networks are still used when connecting critical equipment because wireless networks tend to be less stable.

The server you use can be an actual server on your premises, a computer acting as a server, or a cloud-based server. IT services providers in Atlanta often help businesses looked for cloud solutions because for smaller businesses, having your own server is not an immediate need or expense they want to incur.

Network Security Is a Priority

Setting up the router and network is simple to do with the step by step instructions provided. This depends on which devices and operating systems you have. Once installation and setup are complete, you must secure your network. Cyber-attacks and data losses happen easily without a proactive approach to cybersecurity. You are going to need a firewall, strong passwords, access management, and wireless encryption to name a few security measures. These are non-negotiables for any business network.

There are different ways to go about setting up a business connection, but this overview shows you where to start. MIS Solutions, Inc. is a trusted provider of IT services in Atlanta. To learn more about business networks, cloud-based servers, and network security, contact us to speak to an experienced consultant.

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