IT Services in Atlanta: 4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

IT Services in Atlanta: 4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply defined as the delivery of a number of hosted services via the internet. Businesses can choose between hosting their IT services in physical servers or have them hosted in the cloud. Small to medium business owners are increasingly embracing cloud computing. This paradigm can be attributed to the realization that the cloud has many benefits compared to physical servers. If you are wondering whether to shift to the cloud, wonder no more. In this article, IT services experts in Atlanta explain the benefits of cloud computing services.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

There are three main types of cloud computing services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - This will give you access to web infrastructure such as servers, storage space, and connections.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Services are created inside IaaS to afford you scalability.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Software is deployed and maintained via the cloud

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are many benefits that cloud computing boasts of. Here are the main four benefits:

  1. Self-Service Provisioning - This means that you as the end user can adjust the computer resources you need for your business. You can rely on an IT services provider in Atlanta to do it for you.
  2. Elasticity - You can easily scale up and scale down depending on your firm’s demand for cloud computing resources.
  3. Pay Per Use - This is important because it ensures that you only pay for the resources that you will have used.
  4. Migration Flexibility - You can easily migrate your firm’s workloads to and from the cloud with ease.

As seen above, there are many benefits that accrue to using cloud computing services. At MIS Solutions, we are an IT services provider in Atlanta committed to helping businesses choose the most ideal IT solutions for their businesses. Contact our IT consultant in Atlanta for more information.