Business Travel Tips from Managed IT Services Experts in Atlanta

If your employees travel with their work devices, you should think about establishing appropriate cyber safety policies with the help of your managed IT services company in Atlanta. Travelling presents significant risks to data security; unfortunately, numerous individuals are ignorant. For instance, a smartphone or laptop can provide access to hackers, or it can provide a path for malware to your network.

Here are simple tips to help protect your business from the dangers of travel:

Install Antimalware

You should plan for the installation and update of antimalware in all your work devices. Your IT support provider in Atlanta should provide appropriate protective software to ensure that the company information is not compromised during travel. It is important for the antimalware to be up-to-date for maximum effectiveness. You should also have the operating systems, programs, and applications in the devices updated to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Update Passwords

It is essential for employees to lock their devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This simple measure is invaluable if the device is stolen during a trip. While the lock is not invulnerable, it will provide enough time to take steps to protect your network and data. You should also plan on changing the passwords before traveling. A stronger and unique password will prevent illicit access. For ideal results, you can have your managed IT services expert in Atlanta create guidelines on ideal passwords.

Avoid Auto Connection

Most devices are set to auto-detect and connect to Wi-Fi networks for convenience. This setup is convenient when in the office or at home. However, it will expose the device and even compromise critical information. Under ideal circumstances, it is advisable to avoid using public Wi-Fi. However, if this is unavoidable, the connection should not be used to access personal or work accounts. Bluetooth can also pose some danger, so avoid automatic connection.

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