Plan for EOS Issues Regarding Windows 7 with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Plan for EOS Issues Regarding Windows 7 with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

What is EOS?

EOS stands for "End of Support" and refers to when a company stops providing tech support for one of its products. Right now, Windows 7 is just a few months away from EOS, which will happen in January. Managed IT services in Atlanta can be essential in helping you either make the transition or plan around existing protocols to retain security and utility of EOS software.

Making the Switch

Upgrading is the best option for most businesses, though some will be unable to. Thankfully, Windows 10 is an excellent operating system which has had many "bugs" worked out of it since its inception. Following, we'll explore a few considerations pertaining to this transition to help you make the switch with the greatest ease:

Increased Security in Windows 10

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta that help you make the switch will incidentally be giving your operation access to vastly updated security solutions. This is essential, because "black hat" IT pursuits of the cybercriminal variety actually keep pace with white hat tech.

The two are neck-and-neck. By 2021, cybercrime costs globally will be around $6 trillion. Presently, the value of the tech market, in 2019, is about $5 trillion. As you can see, these numbers are pretty close, when you average them together in terms of time.

More Features for Modern Operations

Windows 10 has more modern features than Windows 7. Ten years ago, cloud computing was a debatable endeavor yet unrealized. Today it's a reality defining technology.

Mobile technology has also proliferated, and software systems need to have greater flexibility and versatility than they did a decade ago. Windows 10 can give you that versatility over older operating systems.

A Three-Year Delay Possibility

The bigger the business, the harder such a software transition is going to be. For a price, Windows will continue to provide your business certain service upgrades until 2023, but after that there's a "hard out" to consider.

Still, if you've got a large enough business, over the next three years you can be sure you make the transition in a way which keeps pace with the ongoing operational needs of your enterprise.

A Smooth Transition

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you successfully and smoothly transition to new operating systems for your business. Contact us for more information on EOS software, and the best way to keep your business from being blindsided by loss of tech support for operating systems that are near EOS.