Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Why You Should Alter Your Server Refresh Strategy

Servers have the potential to last for quite a while yet advances in tech and ever-changing business needs sometimes necessitate the purchase of new equipment. Even if you have the best server in the world, a better one will hit the market surprisingly quickly. This is precisely why you should change your company’s server refresh strategy to determine if you are evaluating server equipment at the proper frequency. Our managed IT services team in Atlanta is here to help.

Why You Should Refresh Servers Before They Become Unsupportable

The average server lasts around three years. This is just about the same amount of time it takes vendors to halt the production of a server model. When this point in time is reached, there is the potential for extended support plan costs to spike. There is also the potential for parts to become scarce. However, plenty of businesses continue to use their aged servers. Some even keep their servers running to the point that they have to look for parts on eBay. The logic seems to be it is more cost-effective to buy used parts instead of replacing the server. However, advances in technology have the potential to result in considerable savings. You will also enjoy improvements in memory speeds, CPUs, core density and beyond. So, it is often much more financially sensible to buy a new server.

The Value of Solid State Drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) have the potential to prove vitally important to businesses of varying types and sizes. More and more businesses are shrinking their storage area networks as only a couple SSDs can provide superior performance. Such advances result in meaningful savings, beginning with the electricity necessary to power servers along with their cooling systems. Shifting to SSDs also helps businesses decrease money spent on licenses for applications and operating systems. Even management operating costs can decrease if new servers provide that much more support for automated and remote operations.

Do Not Be Afraid of a New Server’s Price Tag

The moral of this story is: managers should not be overly concerned about the cost of a new server. The addition of a new server can reduce operating expenses and lead to additional savings as detailed above. Your company’s server refresh strategy should also take into account how the business and IT space will change in the upcoming years. Consider the extent to which your environment is virtualized and how far it might be virtualized in years to come.

Server requirements are driven by applications, so you must question how your company’s applications will eventually evolve. When in doubt, lean on our managed IT services team in Atlanta. We will help you evaluate your server refresh strategy, plan for the future and ultimately boost your bottom line.

If you are even slightly suspicious your server refresh strategy is lacking, it is time to make a change. At MIS Solutions, our managed IT services team in Atlanta is ready to help you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and pose any questions/concerns you have.

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