IT Services Experts in Atlanta Ask, ‘Is Your Corporate Data Secure from the Threat Posed by Your Employees?’

You’ve likely heard a lot of press about hackers breaching corporate security to access confidential data. While hackers do pose a threat, the bigger threat is actually sitting in your office right now. It’s your employees, according to the experts on IT services in Atlanta.

Why Are Employees Such a Threat?

A study done by Symantec found that 50 percent of those surveyed who had lost or left their job in the past year kept confidential data from their former employer, and 40 percent of them planned on using that data in their new job. Since many people switch companies every few years, this leads to an increased risk of corporate data loss or theft due to employees.

On top of deliberate theft, well-meaning employees often send or take confidential data outside the company without thought to its potential consequences.

Deliberate or not, data loss and theft by employees is a serious threat, according to IT services professionals in Atlanta.

How to Secure Your Corporate Data from Employees

Here are a few measures you can use to secure your corporate data from current and former employees:

  • Limit data access – Employees should have access only to the data they need to do their jobs. Sensitive data should be segregated and locked down. Network protocols should prevent sensitive data from being sent outside the company.
  • Develop and enforce policies to protect data – Clear, robust policies on data protection are critical. Employees should be trained on those policies. Any violation of policy should have swift consequences.
  • Use technology to track employee status changes – When an employee changes jobs or locations, or leaves the company, technology can track these changes and link them to the devices the employee was using.
  • Leverage tough employee agreements – Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements require an employee to agree to data security protocols. They are a legal tool to use if the employee breaches those agreements.
  • Utilize both physical and digital security measures – Physical policies include keycard access, strict password policies, and limited remote access. Digital security includes monitoring for suspicious activity, managing mobile devices, and protocols for data loss prevention.
  • Remove access for departing employees – Employee access should be cut off before the employee is terminated or if suspicious activity is suspected.

These measures won’t prevent all thefts or losses, but they will mitigate them and make it possible to take legal action if needed. For help to secure your company’s data, contact us at MIS Solutions. We are the experts on IT services Atlanta companies trust to secure their data.

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