Top Security Concerns for Cloud-Based Services That May Need IT Support in Atlanta

At least 70% of businesses in the world operate a section of their business on the cloud. Operating your business on cloud offers flexibility, lower fixed costs, automatic updates, and many more advantages. However, there are a couple of security concerns that would lead businesses to seek IT support in Atlanta.

Data Breaches and Hijacking of Accounts

Research has shown that businesses that store their data online are three times more susceptible to data breaches than those that don’t. There are different characteristics of cloud services that make data more susceptible to third parties. Again, with cloud computing services being relatively new, most businesses are skeptical about breaches. If you need to know how to protect your data, look for IT support in Atlanta.

Hijacking of accounts is another concern. Here, third parties access your (or your employees) login information and access information stored on the cloud.

Inside Threat

While it might seem unlikely, an inside threat can exist. An inside threat is when employees use authorized access with malicious intentions. Insiders can access information and sell it or access the information and ask for ransom. Usually, organizations can restrict access and track every account that accesses cloud services.

Malware Injection

Malware is a code embedded into cloud services and which allows malicious people to access information stored on the cloud. Malware attacks are common in this digital era, but they can be avoided.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

When your business encounters a DoS attack, basic services on your website are made unavailable to your customers. DoS attacks are, in most cases, a smokescreen to other malicious activities going on in your website. It is therefore advisable to get a solution fast when your website is unavailable to your customers.

Shared Responsibility and Data Loss

When you are using cloud services such as Dropbox or Google, you, the client, has the responsibility to ensure your passwords and user details are kept private. On the other hand, providers such as Dropbox have put measures to ensure the safety of your data. Therefore, clients and providers need to work together to enhance data security.

Data loss is another concern for clients and providers. Data can be lost through technical problems in servers or natural disasters. Amazon lost customer data when its servers crashed in 2011. Google lost data when its power grid was hit by lightning.


Even with all these concerns, you can still keep your data safe. Contact our IT support team in Atlanta at MIS Solutions today to learn more about securing your data and educating your employees on how to keep data safe from malicious attacks. We offer various services to businesses in Atlanta, including cloud computing.

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