Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Reducing Operational Expenses Through SaaS Backup Solutions

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta can help you reduce operational costs while expanding your security profile. Many businesses are leery of this because it means a third party will be involved in data preservation. But think about this critically: can you afford to append resources for a department including a dozen or more professionals, necessary equipment, a discretionary spending allowance, and the ability to competitively contend with similarly-situated operations?

IT companies in Atlanta can afford all that and so can cloud computing providers facilitating SaaS (Software as a Solution). Accordingly, the benefits outweigh the risk. Following are additional positives of SaaS backup solutions:

  • Transportation and equipment maintenance costs disappear
  • Elimination of malfunction among backup hardware
  • Reduction in necessary IT capital expense

Transportation and Equipment Maintenance Costs Disappear

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta that provide a SaaS backup solution can use database mirroring and BDR protocols in conjunction with the 3-2-1 rule to ensure your backups are comprehensively protected in a way that is predictable in terms of cost. Every month, you pay a set fee. Meanwhile, with backups internally managed, you’ve got to transport and maintain tape drives and have the appropriate staff involved in the process. This hardware cost disappears through SaaS backup.

Elimination of Malfunction Among Backup Hardware

Your backup hardware will malfunction given time. It’s just a consequence of entropy and the inability for human beings to attain perfection. Accordingly, you’ll need a malfunction budget. With SaaS backup, such cost is eliminated.

Reduction in Necessary IT Capital Expense

Between transportation and equipment maintenance costs, malfunction costs, and personnel expenses, you’ve got hundreds of thousands on the line to maintain data. SaaS backup eliminates these costs and adds benefit through cutting-edge data management solutions unattainable even with the best internal solution.


A managed IT services provider in Atlanta can provide you with better data security in terms of backup at lowered cost. At MIS Solutions, Inc., we offer a variety of solutions tailored to fit your business specific needs. Contact us now for more information.

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