IT Support in Atlanta: Understanding the Cybercrime Services Available on the Dark Web

Choosing to partner with an IT support firm in Atlanta is essential for small businesses, as the cybercrime industry continues to grow more sophisticated each year. Many cybersecurity experts believe that cybercrime will costs companies over six trillion dollars by the year 2021. The vast majority of these cybercrimes originate on the dark web. Cybercriminals market a broad range of services to sell to other criminals to target unsuspecting businesses and individuals. Understanding these available services on the dark web is essential in staying one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Here are a few examples of the cybercrime services available on the dark web:

Ransomware as a Service

Ransomware is one of the most popular cyber-attacks that target a wide range of businesses. Ransomware as a Service is available in numerous places on the dark web, as cybercriminals can choose from a variety of payment plans and receive technical support. A few payment models include monthly and yearly subscriptions, while others are initially free but take a cut out of the ransomware payments from each victim.

Renting Infrastructure for Botnets and DDoS Attacks

Another popular service available on the dark web is to rent out infrastructure to be used for cyber-attacks. Many of these cybercriminals utilize botnets to send spam or use DDoS attacks to overload a server and create significant downtime. The price of these services depends on the length of the attack and the capacity of the botnet. However, IT support firms in Atlanta can help your business stay safe by educating employees on the dangers of these attacks.

Stolen PayPal and Bank Accounts

Phishing scams target unsuspecting individuals into giving out confidential login information for financial accounts. Many of these accounts are available for sale on the dark web. Cybercriminals will often display the images of fake sites and the tools used to gain access to PayPal and other financial accounts. Discussing common phishing techniques with employees is essential in keeping all your financial accounts secure.

Cybercrime as a service continues to grow in popularity and is a lucrative business for cybercriminals. Many of these services use marketing strategies on the dark web that are similar to legitimate software companies. MIS Solutions is an IT support company in Atlanta that understands the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity and the many dangers on the dark web. We offer state-of-the-art technology to keep your information secure while maximizing uptime for your business. Our IT techs are also available at any time to answer any technical questions. Contact us today to learn more about the wide range of cyber threats in the workplace.

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