IT Services in Atlanta: Reasons Why You Need a Patch Management System

Technology is an important enabler of modern-day business. It is commonplace to find businesses being powered by a comprehensive IT system which comprises of various hardware and software components. Software keeps evolving and as thus, there is a need for firms, such as yours, to pay particular attention in managing all software programs you are using and ensure that these are up to date. However, from our experience as a certified IT services provider in Atlanta, we have found that firms find it difficult managing the different pieces of software programs that power their corporate IT system. If you are among firms facing this challenge, you need not worry; we have a solution for you!

Patch Management Defined

Simply put, patch management is the process by your in-house IT team or a managed service provider (MSP) ensures that all the pieces of software on your corporate IT system are kept up to date with the latest updates. The patch management system can be customized to meet your firm’s unique needs. However, most patch management systems are designed to cover database products, server operating systems and other custom software programs used to run different systems within the firm.

If you are running a small business, maybe your in-house IT team can manage to apply software patches manually or maybe you can outsource that function to an MSP. However, as your firm grows bigger, you will soon discover that you can no longer manage to apply the software patches manually. This is where a patch management system comes in. Instead of overstretching your IT staff and adding the burden of keeping tabs on which software needs to be updated and when, why not contract an expert IT services team in Atlanta to help you come up with a patch management system? Using a patch management system is the best option because it has the capacity of updating every node that is connected to your corporate network, including the endpoints that are found in locations that are physically inaccessible.

Reasons Why Patch Management Is Important

  • Software are insecure – With a patch management system, you will be able to fix bugs as soon as the vendor releases the patch, thereby ensuring that your IT system is secured.
  • Timely updates for antiviruses and anti-malware software – These pieces of software work as long as they are up to date. Patch management will ensure that this is achieved.
  • Threats associated with BYOD policy – If you have allowed your employees to bring their devices to work, it is important to have a way of patching the software on their phones.

As seen above, patch management is a tailored solution meant to ensure that all your software programs are updated in good time. Thinking on how to design and implement a patch management system? Get in touch with us at MIS Solutions, Inc. We are a professional IT services provider in Atlanta ready to guide you through the process. Contact us now for more information.

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