How IT Services in Atlanta Can Increase Communication Dimensionality Through VoIP

IT services firms in Atlanta increasingly provide VoIP services for clients. Voice over Internet Protocol has many advantages and expanding competitive viability is possible through this innovation.

Perhaps retaining a landline phone is worthwhile as an emergency contingency, but in terms of cost, flexibility, scalability, and features, VoIP is often considered superior. Consider the following advantages:

Calling from Your Computer

IT services firms in Atlanta can help your business institute personal computer calling. Essentially, you can use the number pad to dial numbers, and a headset with a microphone to talk to clients. This saves money on equipment and can be convenient for records-keeping. VoIP can additionally help facilitate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

BYOD protocols allow for office decentralization. Personnel can source their own work equipment, or you can provide it— but if they source it, you save. Given they can work remotely from wherever there’s an internet connection trusted by your network, the win-win potential of scheduling flexibility often makes personnel more than willing to make this sacrifice.

Regular “Landline” Calls Through Options Like Vonage

Options like Vonage provide you with traditional phones you can use like you would a landline, but under VoIP protocol. So, you only pay for internet expenses, and cut the cost of your phone bill out of operations, while changing nothing about your operational infrastructure in terms of daily work practices.

Increased Scalability and Flexibility at Decreased Expense

When all you’ve got to do is upgrade your internet subscription to add new phone lines, that saves time and money. It’s very flexible, too. BYOD becomes easier to implement, and your office costs drop because space requirements and infrastructure expenses are eliminated.

You don’t have to install new phone lines or add a new wing to your primary site these days. All you’ve got to do is initiate cloud-based services for your network, manage mobile devices properly, put in VoIP, and carefully monitor BYOD personnel.

You can sidestep the cost of most workspace requirements of yesteryear, as well as associated tech costs, all while retaining productivity and arguably increasing competitive viability. A fully decentralized office is quite the leap, but baby steps through things like VoIP can be a great first step.

Making the VoIP Transition

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can reduce cost and complication of traditional landline phone solutions through VoIP, while simultaneously providing you not only the same telecommunications options as before, but additional innovation and cost reduction. Contact us for more information on VoIP and decentralized infrastructure.

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