5 Simple Online Shopping Safety Tips from Our Managed IT Services Team in Atlanta

Countless people shop online each day without thinking about the possibilities of being the next victim of cybercriminals. Identity theft and stolen login credentials are just a few ways hackers can gain access to your information online. However, our managed IT services team in Atlanta can help you stay secure while shopping online by following a few simple tips:

#1 Avoid Unsecured Wireless Networks

Many people log in to public Wi-Fi networks to compare prices online. However, it is never a good idea to use these networks if you plan to login into an account with personal information. Hackers can easily gain access to your confidential data or even infect your phone with malware. Using a VPN is a better solution to ensure that your data is always safe from potential threats.

#2 Never Use the Same Password

Many people use an identical password for multiple accounts. For example, a cybercriminal only has to hack into one account to gain access to all of your banking and credit card accounts. The use of a password manager is a great way to create complex passwords for each account, and you only have to remember the master passcode. These passcodes are protected with encryption to ensure that no one else can access this information.

#3 Double-Check URL Address

Many cybercriminals trick people by creating a similar URL address to a legitimate website. These websites are designed to imitate an authentic site, and they can easily infect your computer with various types of malware. Our managed IT services team in Atlanta always recommends double-checking the URL address of a website before you make any purchases.

#4 Never Store Credit Card Information

Letting a website store your credit card information is convenient if you plan to make future purchases. However, you run the risk of your information being compromised if the website becomes the victim of a data breach. Never keeping your credit card number on these sites is just an added layer of protection from cybercriminals.

#5 Review Credit Card Statement

Always reviewing your past credit card statement is essential in avoiding fraudulent charges. You can immediately contact your credit card provider and change your number if you notice any suspicious activity. Many times, a credit card company can reverse these charges and deactivate your account if you contact them as soon as possible.

At MIS Solutions, our managed IT services team in Atlanta understands the importance of keeping your data protected from cybercriminals. Following these online shopping tips are a great way to stay safe at all times. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of online safety.

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