IT Support in Atlanta: Warning Signs for Malware Attacks

Malware or malicious software is a term that is used to describe programs or files that are harmful to a computer user. They could be anything from a virus to ransomware. When these programs attack a computer, important data may be lost or corrupted. Forty-eight percent of data breaches can be attributed to malware attacks. That means that you should always be on the lookout for such attacks: this is something that IT support companies in Atlanta will tell you for free. Data security is vital.

The problem is that the attacks are not always overt, sometimes you may not even realize it. However, that does not mean that there are no indicators of malicious programs on your computer.

The following are the most common signs of malware attack:

Your Computer Applications are Becoming Unusually and Painfully Slow

If your computer has been working correctly, but you notice that it is becoming sluggish, the chance is high that there are viruses that have found their way into the operating system. Malware activity is a known culprit from making your computer slow when you try to access different programs. If you notice such changes, you can troubleshoot by checking the state of the system’s RAM and reducing applications that are taking up too much space that you do not need.

You can also clear your browsing data if the problem usually occurs while browsing. If you do all the checks and nothing changes, the slowness may indicate the presence of malware. At this point, it is advisable that you contact an IT support firm in Atlanta to help you get rid of the malware.

Missing Files

Sometimes you can try to locate your files, but you cannot seem to find them. If you are confident that you had saved the files, then there is a probability that your system has malware that deletes files. To rectify the problem, you can use a virus removal tool.

High Network Activity

It is possible to monitor your network activity just like you would with power usage. You may have noticed that your internet activity is abnormally high, especially during the time that you are not browsing. That screams the presence of malware. How is that possible? Viruses are known to transfer data across the internet.

To ascertain whether it is a virus or not, you need to confirm if there is an update for your computer or a large download that is ongoing. If none of these is happening, then you need to get a good antivirus for your computer to scan it.

These are some of the warning signs that your computer may be infected by a virus. For more information on malware attacks and IT support in Atlanta, contact us at MIS Solutions today.

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