Combining Remote Access with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Moving toward a mobile workplace works best when hiring a managed IT services provider in Atlanta. Letting employees bring their own notebooks saves a business thousands of dollars in computers that eventually need maintenance and replacement. In order for this bring your own device (BYOD) strategy to work, you need to use mobile device management (MDM) software to ensure that only authorized devices have access to your network.

Making the Workplace More Flexible

The BYOD policy can energize a business since it allows employees to use their personal devices in which they’re already comfortable using. Training workers to use unfamiliar equipment takes time and costs money. By letting individuals bring their own devices it creates a more loyal and happier workforce. A BYOD policy also opens the door for employees to have access to projects at any time from any device. This level of flexibility may help increase productivity.

Reducing Cyberthreats

One of the top reasons for managed IT services providers in Atlanta to oversee a business network is to make sure it’s safe and secure. Using 24/7 network monitoring tools will help identify and block intruders on your network. MDM software allows you to set policies on how to use resources or banning certain websites. Blacklisting sites and applications can help prevent infringement issues, bugs, malware, and counter-productive activities.

Without IT professionals overseeing a network of mobile devices, you run the risk of exposing workers to cybersecurity threats. Leaving it up to each user to run antivirus software on their devices is not a strong enough safeguard against attackers who have learned sophisticated ways to penetrate systems. Since mobile devices lack pre-installed malware protection, it’s best to use as many security controls as possible.

A key function of MDM software is that it can lock and wipe a mobile device that has been lost or stolen. It also allows you to divide a mobile device into personal and corporate sections. It’s important to inform all employees that they are giving up a certain amount of control to use their notebooks and smartphones in the workplace.

Other MDM Advantages

MDM software is ideal for remote access to a network, as it can be configured from a central location. The system uses passwords for logging into accounts. It’s designed to be a scalable system so that it’s easy to add or subtract new accounts. Updates to the cloud-based software are automatic.


Implementing a BYOD workplace can be easily accomplished with managed IT services in Atlanta. BYOD helps bring more energy and major cost savings to the workplace. Contact us here at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more making your business more efficient and productive.

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