Using IT Support in Atlanta to Prevent Ransomware

Using IT Support in Atlanta to Prevent Ransomware

Connecting with a knowledgeable and experienced IT support team in Atlanta is an effective way to avoid being sidetracked by cybercrime. It's interesting that businesses have a growing fear of cybercrime, which is disruptive to normal operations. The main goal of many hackers is to disrupt organizations. Working with tech experts allows a company to focus more on its core business.

Fear of Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software that typically is activated when an unsuspecting employee opens an email attachment from a hacker, who often misrepresents a trusted source or brand. The email fools the employee by using a duplicate or replica of a well-known logo and an email address with a URL that's typically off by one character.

Once the ransomware is unleashed it can freeze up a computer, denying the user access to applications and files. The hijacker then sends a message that in order to restore the computer, the user must pay a certain amount of money within a certain time frame. If the victim does not comply, the hacker may destroy the data. A growing awareness in the business community is now spreading that ransomware poses serious threats to organizations of any industry.

The key to avoiding disruption by cybercriminals is to let ab IT support team in Atlanta handle security issues while you work on business goals.

How IT Experts Block Ransomware

IT experts can take numerous proactive steps to minimize the dangers of cybercrime. The first crucial step is to regularly back up all data and applications and then run tests to make sure these digital assets can be accessed quickly. Another essential step is to develop a disaster recovery plan so that the company is never surprised by an emergency. Ultimately, the IT team must develop a multi-layered security solution to make it too difficult for hackers to breach.


Turning to an IT support provider in Atlanta is an effective strategy for limiting downtime. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about protecting your network from cybercrime.