The Surprising Story Behind a Preschool Connection

Every day people come in and out of our lives – at the store, at school, at work, at church. Some are just passing through while others make a more permanent connection. Sometimes the seemingly small interactions we make during the course of a normal day will hold a piece of our life’s puzzle.  The funny thing is you typically don’t realize how impactful someone’s presence in your life is going to be initially. It could take days, weeks or even years to grasp the meaning.

Every new person you meet, every new connection you make could possibly bring an opportunity to fulfill your greater purpose – your “Why.” It’s how God brings people together to serve the greater good and allow us to serve people and support the causes that are near and dear to our hearts – and hopefully to make a difference in someone’s life.

Lliam and Jennifer have a long history of supporting organizations that serve children in our community. It’s their Why. During the course of their lives, opportunities have repeatedly popped up which have allowed them to walk out their mission. “It seems like opportunities to help children just kept popping up over the years,” said Jennifer, “so we’ve been led down this path. I think sometimes your passion just finds you.”

One of those opportunities sprang from a connection made at a local preschool 12 years ago. And since then, many acts of service have been carried out.

Meet Hayden

To look at this child’s sweet face, you’d never guess that he must go through a rigorous regimen each day just to stay alive. Hayden has Cystic Fibrosis which means that every day he must take 25 pills, undergo one breathing treatment and endure two chest physiotherapy sessions. These sessions involve Hayden wearing a vest that shakes his little body to physically loosen mucus in his lungs. Without these daily medications and therapies, his weight, lung function and overall health would quickly decline, placing his life in jeopardy. Even a simple cold requires him to start treatment with antibiotics, extra breathing and vest treatments just to ward off lung infections.

For the past three years, the Goddard School of Sugar Hill has hosted a fundraising event in Hayden’s name to find a cure for CF. The school sponsors the Great Strides Mini Walk, which is held at the school for children to participate in. The fundraiser was so successful last year bringing in $10,000 for the CF Foundation that the school received the 2018 Passion Fundraising Award from the CF Georgia Chapter. This year’s goal is to raise $20,000.

How Our Paths Crossed

MIS Solutions is a proud sponsor of Hayden’s All-Stars, but our journey with Hayden began long before he was born. This is one of those instances where a connection made back in 2007 would become a part of Jennifer and Lliam’s Why. As “chance” would have it, their oldest child, Will, was enrolled in the Goddard School in Miss Lois’ class. After graduating from preschool and Miss Lois’ class, Will continued to attend Goddard’s after-school program under the tutelage of his new teacher Mr. Taylor.

During Will’s (and his sister Katie’s) years at the preschool, Lliam struck up a friendship with Mr. Taylor and eventually asked him to come in for an interview for a customer service representative position at MIS Solutions. In 2012, Mr. Taylor Morgan joined the MIS team and has since served in a number of positions including customer service, help desk engineer, field technician and now projects team lead. He has been involved at some level with and served practically every client of MIS Solutions. His professional service is appreciated by all who know him and have had the good fortune to work with him.

Will moved on to middle school and his days in the after-school program ended. With that chapter closed, it would seem natural that Lliam and Jennifer’s involvement with the school would also come to an end. But as stated earlier, God purposefully provides opportunities to serve others whether we recognize them at the time or not. Miss Lois, who is Taylor’s sister, went on to marry and she and her husband gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Hayden. During her years as a preschool teacher, Miss Lois had graciously served so many families by providing a loving, nurturing classroom for all of her students. Parents were comfortable leaving their precious children in the capable hands of Miss Lois and the Goddard School.

From left, Kellie Pierre, curriculum director; Chelsea Greene, business manager and her daughter Easton; Ted Ray, owner of The Goddard School Sugar Hill; Lois Grimsley with daughter Harlow and son Hayden; Karen Minton of WSB-TV; Emily Price; Carmen Griffin, director; and Molly Taggart, CF Foundation Georgia Chapter.

And now Jennifer and Lliam, Hayden’s Uncle Taylor and the whole MIS Team have been given the opportunity to serve by sponsoring Hayden’s All-Stars in his fight against Cystic Fibrosis. A connection made in a preschool classroom in 2007 sparked it all.


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