Keep Your Business from Being a RaaS Victim with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Defining RaaS

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta provide many solutions based on new technology. As new solutions come, so do new vulnerabilities. An airtight firewall and antivirus profile protecting a network is no match for a social engineering hack.

Some social engineering hacks involve mind-tricks on secretaries or customer service staff. Some, called “phishing”, involve tricking people with access to resources into giving away sensitive information, then ransoming that information for a larger sum from the business affected. This is called “ransomware”, and because targets become savvy and protect against it, cybercriminals are continuously developing new solutions to bypass the defenses of those whom they digitally extort.

You might characterize a group of hackers as a black-hat startup company. And just as there are white-hat applications to things like cloud computing, there are black-hat applications of the same tech.

This is RaaS, or Ransomware as a Service. It’s ransomware technology as provided by black-hat tech groups, giving cybercriminals means of extorting companies. It’s increasingly sophisticated, and it requires managed security solutions in Atlanta that are designed to anticipate hostile tech attacks and diminish the damage of that which can’t be avoided. A managed IT services provider in Atlanta can help ensure known threats are fortified against among clients. Presently, common defenses against ransomware include:

  • Email filters to defer phishing scams
  • Reliable, continually-updated security software and antivirus options
  • Facilitating up-to-date applications and operating systems
  • Regularly educating employees on proper digital “hygiene” and new threats

Expanding Defense Strategies

Managed security experts in Atlanta can help you apply email filters which look for suspicious dates of sending, addresses, messages, and content. Options exist to either flag or delete suspicious emails, and the right managed service provider (MSP) can help you design such filters to specifically fit your business. Filters must be kept up-to-date. They constitute a quotient of security software.

Other security software includes antivirus programs updated owing to newly-discovered threats. On that note, new viruses develop collaterally to new technology. Applications must be updated with patches preventing known viruses. The same is true of operating systems. Altogether, employees must be apprised of these realities, taught how to work in a digitally “hygienic” way, and made aware of new threats when they become known.

Shielding Operations

A managed IT services provider in Atlanta like MIS Solutions can help you keep employees educated in terms of new threats and tech “hygiene”, keep applications and operating systems up-to-date in terms of defenses, facilitate up-to-date security, and help install effective email filtering solutions to defer phishing scams. Altogether, such options should do much to defer fallout from ransomware attacks. Contact us now for more information.

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