IT Services in Atlanta: Deciding Between On-Premise or Hosted VoIP

IT services in Atlanta can provide you exceptional tech solutions in telephony through VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol combines internet and phone bills into one. This consolidation is less costly than either utility separately. Additionally, VoIP scale-out reduces complication. But there are different VoIP options to consider.

Outsourced VoIP Considerations

Atlanta VoIP solutions will save you the cost of bandwidth restriction. When you’re using VoIP through an on-premise model, then you’ve got to split your available bandwidth between internet usage for traditional productivity, and internet usage dedicated to your phone lines.

Especially if you’ve got a tech-heavy operational environment, it’s possible you’ll use enough bandwidth to make phone calls choppy. This has an unprofessional veneer and could be bad for interactions with other clients and business partners.

Contrarily, if you’ve got on-premise VoIP, the phones could slow internet connectivity, diminishing productivity. Still, for smaller operations, the on-premise route may not make a huge difference; especially if the cost of “overkill” bandwidth is less than combined costs of separate telephony and internet.

Additionally, if you’ve got many remote workers who you’re looking to manage with a minimum of complication, hosted services make sense. The big downside is downtime. For the most part, hosted VoIP solutions through MSPs providing IT services in Atlanta are going to have requisite fail-safe solutions in place. Sometimes they won’t, though. The exceptionally security-conscious business may want to safeguard against third-party failure. Then again, if your own systems fail, then you’re dead in the water until you can get things fixed.

Advisable On-Premise Situations

If you’re looking at an on-premises solution, you’re going to find sustainable solutions are something you can rely on when you’ve got 300+ phone lines regularly in operation. Also, if customer service teams tend to do the majority of their work on the phone, going in-house makes sense too.

You don’t want to risk clients being in a position where they can’t contact you because third-party VoIP options crashed. Certainly, you’ll need space for equipment requisite for so many in-house users. Also, you’d want an IT team who could handle the load–though you can hybridize by hiring Atlanta VoIP providers offering either on-site or remote options while featuring on-site support as necessary.

Finding Solutions Best for Your Business

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. help your business determine if on-site or off-site VoIP options are best for business. It will depend on multiple factors, and there are means by which you can combine aspects of both, should that be amenable to your particular operation. 300 on-site customer service personnel and 1,000 decentralized workers could predicate VoIP in both flavors. To help you make an informed choice, please feel free to contact us for a more detailed examination of available VoIP solutions.

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