IT Services in Atlanta: How to Deal with the Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Did you know that cryptocurrency mining malware is the number one malware menace for 2019? Well, if you did not know, consider yourself lucky to have bumped into this article. Malware viruses are unwanted programs that find their way into victims’ computers. These seemingly harmless programs are a serious security threat both to your personal and corporate computers and networks. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of malware attacks involving cryptocurrency mining malware. In this article, IT services experts in Atlanta that specialize in managed security in Atlanta share some practical tips on how to protect your firm from this dangerous malware.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining Malware?

These are unwanted programs that take over a firm’s or personal computer resources and uses them to mine cryptocurrencies without the owner’s knowledge or permission. The cryptocurrencies mined are then redirected to the attacker’s wallet.

How is the Attack Executed?

Hackers use some tools to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and operating systems which they then exploit and find a way into computers and networks and install their cryptomining malware. A report by the coin telegraph cites Eternal Blue as the hackers’ tool of choice when it comes to executing their cyber attacks. Eternal blue is rumored to have been stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). This infamous tool is credited for the fivefold increase in the number of cryptocurrency mining malware infections. Despite the shocking report, IT services experts in Atlanta believe that there is a way to keep this malware at bay.

Why Should This Problem Worry You?

When hackers hijack your computer or network, there is no telling the extent of damage that they can inflict. One obvious and immediate consequence of such an attack would be slowing down of your machines. Your machines will be slow unbeknown to you, the cryptominers will be using your computer resources.

How Can You Detect and Prevent Cryptomining Malware?

The fact that hackers can place cryptomining malware on networks, devices, and websites necessitates interventions to safeguard your firm. Here is how you can safeguard your firm:

  • Use a security vendor to analyze network traffic and spot any potential cryptomining activity.
  • Protect your endpoint by masking your communication channels and using encryption. This will help you to arrest the malware that might have evaded network-based defenses.
  • Prevent insider cryptocurrency mining threat by enforcing strict IT security policies. Make sure that unique passwords are assigned to each employee and their digital trail can be obtained with ease. Expressly prohibit the running of malicious apps on the company network.

Cryptomining malware is a serious threat to your IT security. For you to be able to safeguard your firm, it is advisable that you partner with an IT services provider in Atlanta which will help you stay safe. If looking for such, consider MIS Solutions Inc. We use both proactive and reactive IT security approaches to keep businesses safe online. Contact us now for more information.

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