3 Key Network Security Problems You Should Be Aware Of as Explained by IT Services Experts in Atlanta

The worst thing that can ever happen to an individual or a firm is to be hit by a hacking attack which they are unsure of its origin. Most of the hacking attacks that happen both to personal and corporate computers and networks can be traced to network security problems that might have been overlooked. Leaving these problems unresolved can expose you and your corporate network to serious vulnerabilities. In this article, IT services experts in Atlanta highlight three key network security problems that you need to be aware of and goes forth to propose some solutions to the same.

Problem #1: Having Assets on the Network that Are Accounted For

Assets connected to your network act as access points to your network. The fact that you are unsure of the assets connected to your network means that you are not sure which doors are open to your network. This can act against you in a bad way, especially if a hacker commandeers one of these assets and uses them to access your network. You won’t be able to close the access point because you lack the knowledge of its existence.
As a solution, as a managed IT security provider in Atlanta, we propose that you task a skilled MSP to conduct an in-depth review of all the devices connected to your network and secure each of these against any threats.

Problem #2: Blatant Abuse of User Account Privileges

The worst security threat that can hit your firm is one that originates from within. Your employees can knowingly or unknowingly expose your network to serious attacks when they misuse their account user privileges. When account privileges are abused, data can be lost, doors can be opened for hackers and your network can be exposed to more serious IT threats. As a leading IT services provider in Atlanta, we have had to handle cases where serious IT breaches emanated from a simple abuse of account user privileges by an employee. We recommend the same solution that we recommended to this client, implement a Policy of Least Privilege (POLP), which will restrict each employee to only access the part of your network needed to do their jobs.

Problem #3: Lack of Sufficient IT Security Management

Having a simple cybersecurity solution is not enough to fully secure your IT infrastructure from a myriad of IT security threats that face businesses such as yours. We recommend that you consider outsourcing your IT security function to an MSP that has what it takes to keep your firm safe all year round.

When thinking of the best MSP for your IT security, think no further. At MIS Solutions, we are a professional IT services provider in Atlanta with the tools, skills, and expertise needed to keep your small to medium firm safe. Contact us now and let us know how we can be of help to you.

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