IT Support in Atlanta: Why You Should Opt for Backup as a Service

As IT support services in Atlanta keep advancing, more companies are realizing the importance of going for managed services. For instance, many organizations are now using Backup as a Service (BaaS). Those that have not switched to this model are planning to do so as soon as possible. Of course, the logic behind this is simple: managed services cut on cost tremendously. Companies no longer need to spend a penny to buy software and hardware, leave alone the installation and management costs.

BaaS does not only cut costs, but it also comes with additional benefits to the enterprise as a whole. For example, it lessens the impact of human error and ransomware, which are the biggest causes of data loss. This is important in achieving business continuity. All this will eventually translate into customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Factors to Consider When Choosing BaaS

Most of the factors that apply to other managed services also apply to BaaS. However, with backup, there are additional specifications that will affect your BaaS architecture choice. The first one is how long you are going to store the data. There is certain data that you will need regular access to. However, some data that you do not need may need to be kept in long-term archives to maintain regulatory compliance. Thus, you need a BaaS option that addresses longevity.

Scalability is also a major consideration for any IT support service in Atlanta. Consider the amount of growth you are expecting in the future and any other off-premises migrations that you wish to make.

Finally, you need to get the pricing clearly. It could be wiser to get a BaaS offering that gives you a single monthly fee for all the major components such as licensing, storage, backup software, and networking.

As you plan to adopt BaaS, choose an IT support provider in Atlanta that can supplement your employees in the implementation of this solution. For more insight into BaaS and other managed services, contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc.

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