IT Support in Atlanta: Benefits of Hiring an MSP

One of the biggest challenges small to medium-sized businesses face is keeping up with technology while trying to run their core business. Unless your core competency is IT services, your business isn’t about running an IT department. Yet, you are spending a lot of money on your IT infrastructure and even more for the employees who keep it running. Hiring a managed service provider (MSP)/IT support provider in Atlanta can actually transform the way your business runs.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an MSP:

  • Lower downtime – An MSP will monitor your network 24/7 and will respond quickly to fix problems. They will also perform proactive maintenance to keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Lower cost – In most cases, hiring an MSP lowers the IT costs for an SMB. With an MSP managing the infrastructure, many clients find they need fewer IT staff and have lower capital IT expenditures.
  • More focus on IT strategy – An IT support provider in Atlanta takes over the day-to-day firefighting that occupies most IT employees’ day. That leaves them time to focus on your company’s IT strategy.
  • Best practices – An overworked IT staff won’t focus on best practices. But, MSPs bring industry best practices to bear for their clients.
  • Predictable costs – Clients pay an MSP a fixed monthly fee based on how many users and computers there are, as well as the level of service needed.
  • Expanded resources – An MSP has a full staff to handle anything you might need. So, instead of asking your network specialist to learn databases, you can use the MSP’s database expert instead.
  • Regulatory compliance – If you’re in an industry with strict regulatory compliance needs (such as HIPAA or PCI), an MSP can help your company get into compliance and help you stay there.

These benefits show why hiring an MSP might be the best solution for your company. To learn more, contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. today. We are the experts in terms of IT support in Atlanta.

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