You Need IT Services in Atlanta to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime

IT services in Atlanta are often going to represent your best line of defense against cybercrime. They’re going to do a better job than internal solutions can, and you need that. Cybercrime is already a multi-trillion dollar industry. It’s set to have a $6 trillion impact in the near future–more than three times the GDP of Russia. That’s considerable. Compounding the issue is the fact that SMBs are often a prime target of cybercriminals, owing to their particular vulnerability.

Comprehensive Support

IT services in Atlanta can be integral for small businesses since they’re less likely to have comprehensive technology security. This is for a number of reasons. One, doing such internally can be very expensive. Two, many small businesses don’t believe that they’re a risk, because they don’t think they have a lot to steal. What they don’t realize is the mindset of the cybercriminal. What cybercriminals want to do is to extort multiple companies using means like malware. If you can send out a malware program that ransoms the core network files of a ubiquity of small businesses, you get multiple payouts.

So, a cybercriminal might send such malware out across a broad swathe of small businesses. The ransomware will result in files held hostage against initialization. It will extort sums in bitcoin, in most cases. Half a bitcoin is a few thousand dollars. If a cybercriminal enterprise manages to “Trojan” ransomware into multiple SMB networks, that can mean multiple payouts. Even one payout of more than $2k in a month justifies 120 hours in a month sending out such ransomware in a dedicated way. Hackers likely don’t work that hard, when a few hours can send out a few thousand emails.

Securing Your Operation

An IT services provider in Atlanta can help you determine the most likely vulnerable points of your operation. Internal threats are often greater than external ones, education can be key. At ICS, we can help you identify threats and safeguard your operations against them. Contact us now for more information.

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