Meet Zeus, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Zeus, Our Pet of the Month

This little fella belongs to Shelby Long of Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia in Gainesville. Zeus is a Jack Russell Terrier and Dapple Dachshund mix and is quite the social little boy. He loves playing with other pups at the park and cuddling with his family.

Zeus joined the Long family when he was about a month old. He just celebrated is first birthday in January. He, of course, was named after the king of the Greek gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Zeus (the god) was the god of the sky and thunder and his symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull and the oak tree.

Despite his imperial name, Zeus (the dog) is a little bit of a goof. He once sent his human family rolling on the floor in laughter when he slammed into the glass sliding door while on vacation. Oh, the embarrassment. Zeus, we’ve all been there.

For being named this month’s Pet of the Month, Gracie received a goody basket full of treats and toys from Pooch N Paws pet boutique.

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