IT Services in Atlanta: The Need for Data Recovery and Business Continuity

There are many IT services in Atlanta that organizations can outsource to third-party providers, such as managed security, network design, VoIP systems, help desk support, to name a few. As the cloud is becoming more mainstream, an increasing number of processes are being outsourced, allowing organizations more freedom to focus on their core business needs.

However, there is still one aspect that keeps getting overlooked, and that’s data recovery, which comes hand in hand with business continuity. A big reason for this is that unexpected downtimes rarely happen, especially if networks and systems used are reliable. After all, when the standard availability is 99%, the odds of emergencies happening are very rare.

But 99% is not 100%, so availability can’t be absolutely guaranteed. This that even if 1% represents a very unlikely chance, there remains a possibility of unexpected downtimes happening. Thus, data recovery and business continuity are must-have IT services in Atlanta and anywhere else for that matter. Think of it as insurance — you won’t need it all the time, but you’ll be grateful you have it if you find yourself needing it.

Besides, are unexpected downtimes really that rare nowadays? This year’s extreme winter in Chicago is a clear sign of how inclement weather can disrupt not only businesses, but daily lives. The California wildfires in 2018 are yet another example of how a catastrophic event can destroy everything in its path.

But as much as natural disasters cause great losses, malware poses a bigger threat, mainly because it’s becoming more common yet more difficult to crack. Cybercriminals are upping their game, which is why security is a critical element of IT support in Atlanta.

Take preventive measures. In the event of a successful breach, your organization should be able to retrieve lost data and deliver uninterrupted service; otherwise, you risk losing your clients to a more reliable competitor.

And it’s not just external hackers you need to worry about. Did you know that more than 60% of business disruptions are due to an internal cause, such as human error or system failure? Your organization doesn’t need to have a successful hacker to fail. An unintentional mistake on the inside can cause unexpected downtime. Nevertheless, the resulting unexpected downtimes can last from one to three days. In cases where the downtimes lasted for more than 10 days, most of the organizations involved filed for bankruptcy within a year of the incident.

Don’t be one of those organizations. At MIS Solutions, we provide IT services in Atlanta, including data recovery and business continuity. Our many services include backup and recovery planning. Contact us now for more information.

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