Meet Gracie, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Gracie, Our Pet of the Month

This sweet Dapple Dachshund belongs to Mary Atkinson of Century Cabinets. Gracie joined the Atkinson family when she was just a wee 5-week-old pup. She’s a Dapple Dachshund who loves to take walks and play fetch, but she is particularly fond of swimming."Whenever she sees a certain boogie board in our pool, she will bark until whoever is on it gets off," said Mary. "She will then jump in the pool and get on it. She knows it belongs to her."

Dapples can be strong-willed and they're very protective of their humans. They tend to be suspicious of strangers and despite their small size, can be very scrappy towards other dogs.

During the eight years Gracie has been with the Atkinsons, she's become in tune with Mary, sensing when Mary might need extra TLC. "She can always tell when I'm having a bad day or I'm sad. She lays right beside me as if she is comforting me. She is so loving," said Mary, "she's my best friend and knows all my secrets."

For being named this month’s Pet of the Month, Gracie received a goody basket full of treats and toys from Pooch N Paws pet boutique.

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