Avoid Spoofing and Phishing with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services in Atlanta can be fundamental in helping you avoid the newest cybercriminal efforts. Several of the most pernicious include phishing and spoofing. These are basically means by which digital “pretenders” play on human weaknesses to sneak into the networks of businesses and either steal from them directly or install malware/ransomware which extorts sums in bitcoin. To avoid being undermined by these cybercriminals, here are several tips worth considering:

  • Compare email addresses and websites
  • Pay attention to email warnings
  • Call those you know sending odd emails
  • Avoid the vast majority of hyperlink-bearing identity emails
  • Watch out for ridiculous grammar errors
  • Be suspicious of messages sent in the dead of night

Security Tips Expanded

Managed IT services in Atlanta can help you identify even more features of phishing and spoofing scams, but for now, we’ll just concentrate on these six. First and foremost, if you’ve got an email address representing an email that has a number added strangely in the address, that often means someone is up to no good. Also, varying browsers have security solutions in place which will red-flag emails should certain elements be suspicious.

Hackers are very clever, though. Sometimes they’ll send an email which deigns to come from someone you know. The email will likely be suspicious in several ways, most likely regarding subject matter you very seldom speak about with this individual. So, call them and see if they really sent it.

Whenever you get an email from a bank or legal agency asking for your identity information (like social security numbers or your birthday) and asking you to enter that info into a hyperlink, you’re likely looking at a scam. Lastly, bad grammar and emails sent in the dead of night often come from foreign agencies trying to scam other countries— by all means, avoid these.

Educating Staff

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you educate staff such that avoiding phishing and spoofing is second-nature. Contact us for more information on avoiding such scams.

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