Why Choose Proactive IT Support in Atlanta Instead of Break/Fix Support

Here is an all too common scenario reported to IT support providers in Atlanta:

A major server goes down. You call tech support, then you sit on hold for a half an hour waiting for someone to answer the phone. When they finally pick up, you are talking to someone who doesn’t know who you are, what company you work for, or what kind of problem you are having. Once you get everything explained, that person can’t do anything but open a ticket to higher level support. The higher level of support won’t be able to address your problem for 3-5 days.

This type of scenario is a clear example of the break/fix model of IT support. You wait for something to break, then try to find someone to fix it. You contracted with a support provider, but still, find yourself in the break/fix model. It distracts you from your core business. It frustrates your employees and customers. It costs you money in lost opportunities and downtime.

Try the proactive support model instead.

How the Proactive Support Model Works

The proactive model works a lot differently than the break/fix method of IT support. It frees you from worry and lets you focus on your business instead of worrying about what is going to break next. It makes employees and customers happy. It greatly reduces downtime and lets you freely take advantage of opportunities.

Here are the key characteristics of proactive IT support in Atlanta:

  • Set up the environment so that problems get reported to the help desk automatically.
  • Have experienced personnel available 24/7 to fix problems as soon as they are detected.
  • Have a trained technician assigned to your account that knows your business and your technology.
  • Do preventative maintenance to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.
  • Have dedicated personnel who can do onsite visits as soon as possible.

Those are the characteristics you should expect from IT support in Atlanta. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about the proactive model of support.

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