Avoiding Being Undermined by KRACK with the Help of an IT Support Provider in Atlanta

An IT support provider in Atlanta can help protect your business against a Key Reinstallation AttACK, or a KRACK. If you’re unfamiliar, a KRACK hack can totally suspend your ability to use your own systems. Here are the technical details on how this is done. Basically, KRACK solutions break through WPA2 passwords in order to get what hackers want. WiFi security is fundamentally compromised through KRACK. Furthermore, since WPA2 isn’t relegated to one operating system or another, essentially any kind of operating system is vulnerable–Apple, Windows, Android, or otherwise. If WiFi is in use, KRACK hacking is possible.


An IT support provider in Atlanta offers a number of solutions to help protect you from KRACK. Essentially, one of your wisest tactics will involve updating every device with anti-KRACK protocols as immediately as you can. Devices to update include:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • All IoT devices
  • Any systems with web access, including routers

In the Meantime

Until you’re able to update all web-enabled devices against KRACK, you should refrain from using the internet across your business. Once you’ve become safeguarded against KRACK, then you’re alright to operate again. But don’t stop there; in terms of technology, there is no static solution. Consider a kilobyte of data, as opposed to a gigabyte of data. A kilobyte in the 80s may have been protected by encryption designed to handle codes which were designed with that era’s technology. But the same codes are child’s play for a virus designed to crack a gigabyte. The level of encryption necessary over time necessarily augments in direct response to the level of technological increase. Since tech exponentially develops, this means threats do the same thing.

What this means is that once you’ve installed anti-KRACK protocols, you’re only halfway there. Your next step will involve working with tech companies to continuously update the security of your operations over time. MSPs are absolutely integral here, as most businesses don’t design their operation around technology; technology merely represents a facilitating agent. So unless your business has technological security as its core prerogative, you’re going to get better solutions that are more cost-effective through an MSP that has designed their offerings around providing contemporary security solutions.

Defending Against Current and Future Threats

IT support in Atlanta can be fundamental in ensuring the operations of your business are always surfeited in security which anticipates the new security issues and properly safeguards against known issues. Technology is always transitioning, and so are threats. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. for continuously-upgraded security solutions designed to help you keep from being unnecessarily compromised.

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